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the body shape is needs work, the lines are all over the place and very squiggly. though you did put quite an effort with the shading a...




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Alyssa Mooney
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MEW!!!! I LOVE CREEPYPASTA!! XD ...........mew.....!
I make all of my art with a mouse and keyboard! if you want more details all you have to do is ask!
My fave pokemon is: Absol Absol-mega by CreepyJellyfish

Want something colored and added effects? I Can do that for ya, I'm not that good but I'll still try my best and I'm always getting better. THAT is a garentte. <,< damn I can't spell XD
My youtube is…
My Steam Account is gamin_kitty54
if ya wanna talk! then note me! Absol-mega by CreepyJellyfish
I'm thinking on opening commissions but I'm not sure whether I'm good enough. The reason for this is because I'm strapped for cash and I need the money.
I was planning on doing $5 commissions. What do you guys and gals and in between think?
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Ruby rose! (Fan art)
Just drew this with my brand new art tablet!!!! yay!

Ruby Rose belong to Rooster Teeth
Nov 25, 2017
:iconlunahalthayne:LunaHalthayne has changed their username (formerly DrawinMew)
Fusion Fan art
I've been rewatching Lightning Bliss's videos and when I watched the colab video with toon critic where they fuse to kill a moldy bread monster. It got me thinking , "what would happen if Lightning Bliss and Prism Nightmare (my oc) fused? and what would they look like?"
well this is my answer to the question posed to myself in my head.

funny enough the coat and wing color as well as the two top tails are what Prism would look like at full power as that is what she originally looked like. you know without the dark rainbow main, warped/distorted horn, the third rainbow tail, the eye colour, and the cutie mark.

I wonder what Lightning bliss would think of this particular piece.

Prism Nightmare= :icondrawinmew:
Lightning Bliss= :iconlightning-bliss:
A Flight Challenge
She who rarely use any kind of magic and she who has yet to gain control of it.
(this is what I have so far on my character.)

Prism Nightmare= :icondrawinmew:
Lightning Bliss= :iconlightning-bliss:

Prism only has the magic of an above average unicorn, capable of levitation and limited teleport spells.
when she was young, she gain the powers through knowlegde and wisdom. However these powers frightened her, not because of what she could do. she was frightened about how many would come to depend on her.

Young and foolish she thought that the way to give the responsiblity to someone more qualified would be to magically rid herself of magic.

However as magic calls to magic, she couldn't use a spell to rid herself of magic completely as she would soon find out. After the spell was cast, she noticed her horn to be missing, overjoyed that she had succeeded. she failed to notice the pain and exuastion, she hadn't completely rid herself of magic and something so a part of her won't just dissappear out of thin air. the reason for her pain was that although she couldn't see it, did not mean it wasn't there. the violent magic warped and deformed her horn and made it nearly invisible. the only time it is visible, is when she performs the little magic she can muster.

She lives in a small town surrounded by forests. Prism only uses her magic when she is alone or in the presense of her best friend, Mina StarFall. When by herself she only uses levitation when she is to lazy or unable to get it herself.
Prism has a love for books, small animals, quiet children (a very rare sight), smoothies at the shop she works at, her best friend, and the quiet atmosphere of the forest.

Prism fears forks, crowds when her friends aren't there to reassure her, spiders, most social situations involving 3 or more people she doesn't know, her magic coming back full power, hats of any kind(hair ties, pin and decoritiveitems the do not cover her whole head are acceptible.) and others finding out she is an alicorn.
the only other person to know she is an alicorn is her best friend.

Prism may hate crowds but she LOVES being in new places and experienceing new things for the first or third or sixth time. there are quiet a few things she never gets tired of; carnival rides, tasting new foods, and finding a new part of the forest no one know about. yet. as she hates crowds without her friends, she always drags Mina around with her. not that she ever complains.


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